June Landscape Maintenance Schedule

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Attached is He-Man Landscaping Service’s monthly maintenance schedule for the Association’s common element grounds. Please keep in mind that specific dates may be subject to change due to a number of factors. This schedule is intended to be used as a helpful tool in providing general information as to approximately where and when the landscape maintenance will take place around the property.

6-24 Hokulani

Aerial Drones Prohibited

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Aloha Hokulani Residents,

A reminder that aerial drones are not permitted at Hokulani Golf Villas due to privacy concerns. Board permission is required to use an aerial drone for real estate purposes.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dog Waste

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Aloha Hokulani Residents,

Unfortunately, we are receiving reports of pet owners allowing their dogs to defecate on the property lawns and not picking it up. Recent complaints have been primarily in Phase 3 of the development. This is obviously very frustrating to the owners who are affected but also to the landscapers who work to keep the grounds clean. Nearly all of our dog owners are very respectful and pick up after their pets but there are obviously some who do not. We ask for the community’s help in dealing with this issue. Should you see someone not picking up after their dog, please notify the site manager at hokulanimanager@gmail.com with information so that the owner can be dealt with. Pictures, time of day and location are very helpful when reporting an occurrence.

Thank you to everyone for your help.

Pets must be leashed

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A reminder that all pets must be leashed and under complete control of a human companion when on property grounds per Hokulani governing documents.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Maui Nui Golf Course

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Please refrain from walking onto the Maui Nui Golf Course. As a reminder, Hokulani’s perimeter bougainvillea hedge defines our property apart from theirs. Per their policy, due to safety and liability concerns, Hokulani residents are not permitted to be on the golf course unless they are a paying customer to golf.

Thank you for your cooperation.